Welcome to the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) website.  Our much storied Regiment has served as a formed unit during two world wars and has provided augmentees to units serving on the various missions in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia and more recently to the units battling the Taliban in Afghanistan.  We are very proud of our history as it provides the solid foundation for everything that we take with us into the future.

With Afghanistan now over, the serving members of the Regiment are now busy preparing for all potential missions that any future Government of Canada may task us with.  As a unit of the Army Reserves, we continue to train within the Army’s Managed Readiness Plan (MRP) in order to ensure that we synchronize our training aims and goals through the cycles of preparedness from the institutional to “High Readiness” states.

While the serving component continues to train and develop soldiers and leaders, we recognize that we are only part of the entire Regiment.  We maintain the customs and traditions of those who went before us and those people make up the other parts of the extended Regimental Family such as the Association, Women’s Auxiliary, the Old Guard and the Trustees.  We are proud to have four affiliated cadet corps who wear our tartan and cap badge as they fulfill the requirements of the Army Cadet program.  Our museum provides the opportunity to visit the past through the dedicated volunteers who manage our collection and archives.  Our kit shop also provides opportunities for members and the public to purchase memorabilia and specific items of Regimental kit.

As you navigate through our website, I think that you’ll get a more of a sense of the entirety of the Canadian Scottish Regiment and I hope that it stimulates you to learn more about us.  You are welcome to visit us in our armouries in Victoria, Nanaimo and Comox; the locations are noted elsewhere on the site.  Those who are interested in joining us may contact us through our recruiting offices and start the process of becoming an infantryman of the Canadian Scottish Regiment. 

Of course we continue to provide a centre of the Scottish traditions for our members and guests in our various messes and institutes.  We hold military mess dinners in each mess as well as an all-ranks recognition of Robbie Burns Day where we remember his immortal memory in a formal setting.  We also support the Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival on the Victoria Day weekend through the provision of the Pipes and Drums.  For those in the local area on Remembrance Day each November; our messes are normally open to the public after the parade and we look forward to seeing you in our armouries if you have time.


Stephen Sawyer


Commanding Officer

 Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)

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