Welcome to the Canadian Scottish Regiment's Recruiting Site!


The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) is currently recruiting for both non-commissioned (troops) and commissioned (officers) members. To join as an officer you must have a university degree or be enroled in a degree program at an accredited university, please note this statement in no way guarantees that an officer position is currently available. 

Please take a look at the minimum requirements, the recruiting process and all the benefits we offer. Then give one of our recruiters a phone call or email. We are here to assist you all the way through the recruiting process. We look forward to having you as a new member of our regimental family soon.


Occupations to choose from:

  • Infantry Soldier
  • Infantry Officer 
  • Mobile Support Equipment Operator (Driver)
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Financial Services Administrator
  • Musician (Pipes and Drums)

We are currently recruiting for all of the above positions; come in and talk to a recruiter to learn more.

If you have recently released from the military and would like to stay connected, come in and talk to a recruiter to learn about the opportunities available to you.


Recruiting Process (takes 1-3 months)

1. Make appointment with Unit Recruiter, or walk in to the Bay St Armoury on a Wednesday training night.
2. Hand in completed application package to a recruiter, or fill in the online application
3. File gets reviewed by the unit recruiter.
4. The unit recruiter will contact you to schedule a meeting.
5. You will complete all your tests.
6. If you pass all components, your test scores and medical file will be sent to Ontario where a background/security check will be conducted.
7. Upon the return of the cleared file, the Unit Recruiter will contact you to set up an interview and then swear you into the Canadian Forces.


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