The C6 is a general-purpose machine gun (GPMG) and is issued in substantial numbers to combat arms units. The C6 is a fully automatic, air cooled, belt fed gas operated weapon that can be adjusted to fire between 650 and 1000 rounds per minute.

The army uses this weapon in a number of roles. In the infantry, the C6 GPMG can be carried by dismounted soldiers and is used to provide either fire support or sustained fire. The C6 GPMG is mounted in a variety of vehicles, including the LAV III, the Coyote, and the Leopard C2. In these vehicles the C6 GPMG’s are mounted co-axial to the main armament and used to provide fire support to the infantry or for local defence of the vehicle itself.
In the sustained fire role, the C6 GPMG is mounted on a tripod. The C2 sight is used in conjunction with an aiming post to allow the crew to engage targets that they cannot see, due to fog, smoke or darkness.

The C6 GPMG is light enough to be carried and used by soldiers on a variety of operations including patrolling, the advance, hasty defence, and delay and withdrawal operations. The C6 GPMG is normally carried by its sling, which can be looped over either shoulder, and fired from its bipod. In this manner it can be brought into action quickly and effectively.

Ammunition: 7.62 x 51mm NATO
Rate of fire: 650 to 1000 rounds per minute (adjustable)

Weight: 11kg
Length: 1255mm
Operation: gas operated, air cooled, belt fed
Range: Bipod 800 m
Tripod 1800m
Crew: 2 (gunner and loader)
Entered Service: 1978


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