The C7A1 assault rifle is an improved version of the basic C7 combat rifle, incorporating a low-mounted optical sight. It is a Canadian adaptation of a U.S. firearm known as the M16A1E1. The C7A1 eliminates the carrying handle of the C7 and substitutes an optical sight. The weapon is equipped with a 3.5x optical sight, which is mounted in place of the carrying handle.

C7A1 rounds are 5.56 x 45 NATO standard. The weapon has an effective range of 400 metres and a rate of fire of 700 to 940 rounds per minute. Along with the optical sight, optional attachments include the M203A1 40mm grenade launcher, the AN PAQ 4 Laser pointer and the Image Intensification Night Sight (Kite sight). It has been in service with the Army since 1986.

Cartridge: 5.56mm x 45mm NATO
Rate of Fire: cyclic, 700 to 940 rounds per minute
Magazine: 30 rounds

Weight: empty - 3.3kg, full - 3.9kg (not including M203A1 grenade launcher)
Length: normal butt, 1.0 m
Barrel Length: 530 mm
Operation: direct gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed
Range: 400 m
Entered service: 1986


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