The G Wagon is a light utility vehicle equipped with the latest technical innovations. It is the vehicle of choice for military applications in armies around the world, including the United States, Germany, and France.

In the Canadian Forces, the G Wagon is used by operationally tasked field units and training establishments, by both the regular and reserve units, to provide tactical transport in the fields of command and control, liaison, reconnaissance and military police.

Command and Reconnaissance
Military Police

4 passenger Station Wagon


Cab seating: 1 + 3
Length: 4.165 m
Width: 1.7 m
Height: 2.005 m
Track: 1.425 m
Wheelbase: 2.4 m
Configuration: 4 x 4
Fuel Capacity: approx 96 litres
Angle of approach/departure: 40
Max gradient: 80% (at GVW)
Side Slope: (static 56 %) 30
Fording: 0.6 m
Electrical System: 24 V
Batteries: 2 x 12 V, 60 Ah
Alternator: 28V/80A
Steering: LS 2 B power-assisted
Turning radius: 5.7 m


Gearbox: 5 speed automatic
Transfer box: VG 080 2 speed, selectable front-wheel drive
Max speed: approx 138 km/h
Max load: 1 500 kg Max (incl APS)
Weight: permissible front axle load – 1,200 kg 
               permissible rear axle load – 1,600 kg
Max towed load: with brakes – 2,800 kg / without brakes – 750 kg
Tires: Michelin XZL 8.25R16 with optional run-flat inserts
Brakes: Main – hydraulic, dual circuit with vacuum booster, discs front, drums rear
Parking – mechanical
Engine: 5-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled water-cooled diesel
Suspension: Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, front and rear.


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