Light Support Vehicle Wheeled (LSVW)

The Light Support Vehicle Wheeled (LSVW) replaced the old army fleet of 5/4 ton trucks procured in 1976 and commercial utility cargo vehicles bought in the early 1980s. The fleet consists of a wide variety of configurations and carries four different types of shelters that contain a wide variety of special equipment. The LSVW is used throughout the battlefield in such roles as command and control, troop transport, line laying, medical evacuation, maintenance, administration and light cargo. The vehicle is air transportable in a CC 130 Hercules aircraft. It is employed in all land force missions including territorial defence, domestic emergencies and peacekeeping.


Length: 5.7 m
Width: 2.0 m
Weight: 3,349 kg
Payload: 1,500 kg
Engine: 115.6 hp, 4 cylinders, 2.5 litre turbocharged diesel
Maximum speed: 100 km/h
Entered service: 1993-1997
Number acquired: 2,879


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