What We Do

As Infantry Soldiers we have the following primary duties:

  • We expertly operate and maintain a wide range of personal and section level weapons, including the assault rifle (with or without bayonet, with or without grenade launcher), hand-grenades, light, medium and heavy machine guns, mortars and anti-tank weapons;
  • We use sophisticated equipment for field communications, navigation and night-vision surveillance;
  • We operate with support elements such as naval landing craft, zodiac boats, fighter and cargo aircraft, tactical helicopters (troop carrying and reconnaissance), and armoured vehicles;
  • We engage in unarmed combat, set up and cross obstacles, and clear minefields;
  • We employ fieldcraft and battle procedure including camouflage and concealment, patrols, assault teams, defensive tactics, fighting in built up areas, urban ops, house clearings and escape-and-evasion tactics; and
  • We also participate in airmobile, amphibious and airborne operations.
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