Basic Military Training (4 consecutive weeks long or on weekends)

The first stage of training is the Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) Course. This training provides the basic core skills and knowledge common to all trades such as:
- Policies and regulations of the Canadian Forces;
- Military Law;
- Harassment and Ethics training; 
- CF drill (marching), dress and deportment;
- Military First Aid and CPR;
- Survival in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare;
- Handling and firing assault rifles; 
- Map and compass navigation; and,
- Personal survival in field conditions.

(Part time and full time options for completing BMQ are available)

Basic Infantry Qualification - Mod 1 (1 month long)

On successful completion of the BMQ, Infantry Soldiers go on to the next stage of their training, the Infantry Qualification course – Mod 1, which covers topics such as:
- Army physical fitness;
- Dismounted offensive and defensive operations; 
- Weapons-handling (working with grenades, machine guns, etc);

- Use and care of personal and section-level weapons, including assault rifles, machine guns, etc.

Basic Infantry Qualification – Mod 2 (1 month long)

After completing Mod 1, recruits will move on to Mod 2, which covers material such as:
- Field-craft, including personal hygiene and meal preparation, camouflage, sentry duties, signalling, selecting firing positions, tactical movement and lines of advance;
- Construction of field defences, such as trenches and roadblocks;
- Patrolling operations, setting up or recognising ambushes; and, 
- Infantry section and platoon tactics, including offensive, defensive and transition operations

*Mod 1 and Mod 2 can be completed full-time in succession or separately. These courses are generally held in Wainwright, Alberta or Shilo, Manitoba*

 Advanced Infantry Training

Infantry Soldiers who demonstrate the required ability and ambition are eligible for courses such as:

- Military Driving Course;
- Advance Communicator Course;
- Reconnaissance;
- Anti-Armour Gunner; and;
- Section Commander

Specialty Training

The following specialty training may also be available:
- Basic Parachutist;
- Mountain Warfare;
- First Aid Instructor;
- Rappel master;
- Unarmed Combat Instructor; and 
- Urban Operations

Unit Training

The following training is offered at the unit level, and will be administered on training nights (Wednesday nights) and on weekend exercises:

-M203 grenade launcher;

-Karl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle;

-M72 LAW 66mm unguided anti-armour weapon

-Urban operations training

-Army physical fitness, etc.


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