History - World War I

In the First World War, pipers were used as psychological weapons to inspire the troops and instill fear in the enemy. They volunteered for the honour of leading the charge from the trenches. The casualty rate among pipers was truly horrific.

History - World War II

"On October 4, 1940, the order was given, and the men boarded the S.S. Princess Elaine. As the ship pulled away from the dock, her decks crowded with khaki figures, the Pipes played The Skye Boat Song. It was an unforgettable moment, both for those on the dock and those on the ship. It was to be five and a half long years before the battalion would come home. All too many would never make the return journey."

R.H. Roy, Ready for the Fray



In any military unit, traditions are born and maintained... and sometimes fade away. The origins of these routines and ceremonies typically lie deep in history; still others are inspired by accomplishments on the battlefield.

Pipe Majors

16th Battalion, (Canadian Scottish) C.E.F.

Donald McLeod 1914-15
James Groat DCM MM Bar 1915-18
Ronald MacDonald 1918-19

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